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Lange's Cafe & Bakery The best diner in town according to some reviews. This historic cafe does homemade ice cream, home style cooking and very good dinner. This great restaurant does good coffee, great espresso and fine wines. An extensive menu and happy atmosphere. Some customers mention horrible service. Very reasonable prices. -96.307881429837 44.000009107022
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Casey Jones State Trail The railroad was key to bringing settlers to the area in the late 19th century and for shipping their agricultural products to market. -96.306862263785 44.002710815211
Town of Pipestone The town of ], Minnesota is only about a mile south of the monument. -96.324533736311 44.013588705445
Pipestone County Courthouse The Pipestone County Courthouse, located at 416 South Hiawatha in the city of Pipestone, Pipestone County in the U.S. state of Minnesota is a Beaux Arts style building featuring... -96.318352927868 43.997318420528
Pipestone Water Tower The Pipestone Water Tower is a 132ft concrete water tower in Pipestone, Minnesota, United States, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. -96.310555555556 44.001666666667
Split Rock Creek State Park Split Rock Creek State Park is a sight in Pipestone. -96.367431678444 43.923664767361
Pipestone Public Library Pipestone Public Library in Pipestone, Minnesota, United States, is a Carnegie library that was built in 1904. -96.316944444444 43.998333333333